August 4th

I’m in my tent 21 miles from where I started this morning in Shenandoah, Iowa and I’m 10 miles from Nebraska City, Nebraska.

Right after taking a break, two Fremont County Sheriff’s Deputies pulled up in two different cars and asked what I was doing. I gave them each a card, proudly showed them my Sunshine State driver’s license, and told them why I walked. One of them told me that someone had called in and said that I had been sitting in a roadside ditch. I told them that I had indeed taken a 10 minute break sitting on the bank of the ditch. “Is that illegal in Iowa?” I asked. They both smiled and said no. We discussed how in a small rural area like I was in, people can get a little nervous about strangers and things out of the ordinary. They asked lots of questions, including, “How many pair of shoes have you gone through? I told them it was now about 50 pair. They offered to take me to the county line if I wanted a ride.

See, I meet the coolest people ever! It’s because I LOVE LIFE and I have inner joy. Sometimes, out here on the road all alone, I just start dancing and shouting for no other reason than the sheer joy of being alive to fulfill my part in this wonderful life… being me! Being satisfied with who we are brings joy and if we have joy within we have strength, strength to chase away any dark clouds looming over our path. LOVE LIFE my friends.