August 3rd

I walked 20 miles into Shenandoah, Iowa today and I am in a motel room I got at a great price. Not one single person stopped today. A lot of waving and horn blowing though. So, I’ll just have to share a story from the past:

In a café in Valdez, Colorado, my waitress explained what I was doing and asked management if I could tent in back so as to grab breakfast there next morning; they said no. The sweet waitress kept apologizing; I shrugged it off because I always have hundreds of positive things happen after a negative. A mile down the road, in Segundo, a gentleman sitting in front of Sam’s Place, yelled and asked how far I was going. It was Randy James, the bartender. He said he owned the trailer across the street and that it was being remodeled but had electricity and heat. He said I was welcome to spend the night there. Then he invited me to the Christmas party Sam’s Place was having. There was a table of free food and everyone was just great. Met a great couple, Herb and Char, and Char’s father. I met Randy’s son, Jonathan. As I was leaving, a very hunched over man, David, came up to me, said Char told him what I was doing, he thought it a great thing. As he shook my hand, he slipped a $20 to me and said, “Here, I help out a lot of people around here, it helps me to deal with the physical pain I’m in.”

See why I’ve learned to shrug off the negative things and believe the positive is on its way. When something negative happens to us, we give it the utmost attention. We pay little attention though to the many good things that happen to us. We just take all the good things for granted and then scream our heads off if something negative happens. We’re like the nightly news, giving all the attention to the negative things. In my life, I’ve learned to pay more attention to the good things and almost no attention to the bad things. I hardly ever have bad things happen anymore. Or, maybe I just don’t notice them anymore. LOVE LIFE my friends.