August 1

I did 15 miles today and I’m in a motel room in Clarinda, Iowa, birthplace of the famous composer and band leader, Glenn Miller. I busted my butt today and took advantage of the terrain being a little flatter than it has been the last few days. I was hoping to get a motel room at a somewhat reasonable price. As soon as I walked into town I saw a Super 8 Motel. They are usually reasonably priced and there were the restaurants and stores within walking distance that I look for when choosing a motel. But, even as tired as I was, I decided to see if I could find another motel. No more than two blocks away was the Celebrity Inn. I walked in, told the lady at the desk, Peggy, that I was walking the United States and why, and told her I would appreciate any discount she could give me. Peggy said, “I’ll give you the room.” Blow me away! I couldn’t help it folks, it just caught me so off guard, I started crying. Peggy reached out and patted my hand and said, “Its okay, I think you’re going to make me cry too.” I thanked her over and over. I saw Peggy’s husband Roger, later, working on his 1987 Chevy pickup that looked brand new. As I walked up to him he said, “So, you must be the guy that’s walking.” I shook his hand and expressed my sincere appreciation for the gift of the room for a night. And Roger said, “You probably get pretty tired out there, I’ll bet you could use a day off, if you want the room for one more day just to goof off, it’s yours.” I choked up, I managed to get in, thank you so very much, and then I turned and headed for the store across the street. I cried again. After I bought my groceries, I went to Roger and accepted the room for tomorrow as well. I told Roger and Peggy that I would be willing to help them in any way around the motel. They both said no, that they just wanted me to rest. So, I’m taking the day off tomorrow! LOVE LIFE my friends like I do. I’ll talk to y’all tomorrow.