July 31

I’m in my tent at the edge of a soy bean field… go figure. I did 19 miles today and I’m about 7 miles from a very small town, New Market, Iowa. A Taylor County Deputy Sheriff stopped and asked if I would like a ride anywhere. I told him what’s and whys of my walk as he asked, and he inquired one more time if I needed a ride or anything else he could do for me. As he was opening his car door, he looked back at me and said, “Thank you very much for what you do.” And I said, “Thank you very much for what you do.”

A young couple, Charles and Miranda Maxson of Blockton, Iowa stopped by twice to talk. I took their picture and tried to post it but it wouldn’t post for some reason and now the picture is gone?? I hate my phone camera. What a shame because Miranda was just so sweet looking seven month’s pregnant with their first child, Charles Emmet. A lady stopped later and said, “My daughter, Miranda, was so excited about meeting you she called and insisted I try to find you and meet you.” Just look for the big red & white “LOVE LIFE” sign moving at a blazing 2 to 3 MPH.

A guy stopped and offered me a ride in his teeny little Hybrid car that was smaller than my tent?? I told him no thanks. We talked awhile and as we were saying bye, he said, “So, what’s your philosophy?” I said, “Concentrate on realizing what a precious gift life is until you fall in love with the act of breathing, until you can get past any obstacle, knowing that nothing is as important as having life. To LOVE LIFE no matter what.” And I shared a quote of mine I use often, “Love Life with all your heart and Life will not only make your own heart bigger with more understanding, Life will introduce you to other bigger hearts with more understanding.” See y’all again tomorrow night.