July 29

I did 17 miles in a constant rain today and I’m in the little town of Kellerton, Iowa. This morning I stopped in the Dinky Diner in Decatur City for breakfast. When I went to pay my waitress she said my check had been taken care of. She pointed to an older couple who had questioned me earlier about what I was doing. I went over to them and thanked them. I went outside, strapped on my cart, waked about a hundred feet and just burst into tears. Even as many times as I’ve been the recipient of those random acts of kindness, and blessed with seeing the goodness of my fellow human being, it still never fails to astound me and fill my heart with gratitude and love.

Walking into Kellerton, a truck stopped with Carl Hofmann and his 16 year-old son Michael. Carl asked where I was going. I told him I heard there was a bar in Kellerton that served sandwiches and Carl said, “Well not exactly, they actually only serve cardboard pizza and potato chips. If you’re looking for a place to crash tonight out of the rain, you can come to our place and spend the night there.” Y’all know what I said. Carl fed me some kind of really good linguini dish with oysters and I took a shower and did my laundry. I told Carl what I commonly tell those who have opened their homes to me, “Anyone instrumental in my obtaining a shower has a friend for life. And the conversation has been awesome. I love and respect my fellow human being and that always seems to come right back to me. LOVE LIFE my friends.