July 26

Got a real late start out of Centerville, Iowa so I only covered 12 miles today. I’m in my tent about 12 miles east of Corydon, Iowa.

It was a pleasant surprise when I saw this post on my timeline yesterday by Julia Anderson:

“Hi Steve! I remember seeing you, well mostly seeing the sign above your head, while cruising down hwy 9 in Mt. Vernon, Wa (I think in 2009). I was an overwhelmed single mom at the time, with a very sick little child and about to loose my marbles. When I saw you something clicked – what if I could heal my life and my child by being more loving and accepting of love every day?! My baby was still sick for a few months but I was much more able to care for her because love was my focus, not sickness and fear. And now I have met the love of my life and am surrounded by love. I drove past you that day and got home and wanted to thank you for the wake up so I picked some strawberries that I brought back to you. A small token of gratitude for the huge reminder that love is the most powerful tool we have. Let’s use it in the best of times and the hardest. Holding you in my thoughts and always appreciate your wisdom on the road! Much appreciation!”

I remember the incident well. It was wild strawberries she and her little girl had picked and the little one handed them to me. It has stayed in my heart for years because I was having a really rough day that day missing my little girl so very much. I noticed the pretty young lady and her precious little girl and thought of my Shelly and her baby girl, Cassie. When they gave me those sweet wild strawberries it just touched my heart so very much. I simply, never forgot it and have thought about it often.

Two simple things; two simple words, LOVE LIFE, and the simple act of picking a handful of wild strawberries and handing them to a stranger. Look at all the blessings which came out of those two simple things. We followed our hearts. Thank you Julia Anderson for letting me know and inspiring me to keep on inspiring others to LOVE LIFE.