July 24

I’m in Centerville, Iowa in a motel room and I have now done 2000 miles since leaving beautiful Vero Beach, Florida on March 23rd this year. That now gives me over 32,000 miles of walking America. I did 14 miles today, a very hard won 14 miles on a stretch of road with no shoulder, lots of hills, and heavy traffic.

I exited my tent about 5:45 this morning and was met by the owner of my tent site, Arch Marshall, who handed me a cup of coffee and an invite to breakfast. We had slab bacon and fresh eggs straight from the Marshall’s chickens and lots more coffee. Fertile eggs by the way, I wanted to kill that rooster way early this morning.

The Sheriff of Appanoose County, Iowa, Gary Anderson, pulled up in front of me this afternoon. He said they had received a call from a driver saying I was walking in the middle of the road. I said simply, “That sir is a lie. I’ve been doing this for 13 years and I am well aware that walking in the middle of the road is the quickest and surest way to get that run down feeling.” The Sheriff and I talked about how difficult it was for me to walk on that particular stretch of road without any shoulders. He was very understanding about my situation. So much so, he tried to talk me into letting him drive me the remaining five miles into Centerville. I turned down the ride. After I told Sheriff Anderson that I would have over 32,000 miles of walking America when I reached Centerville, he excused himself, saying he would be back in a minute. He came back from his vehicle with a really cool medallion and handed to me. It was a medallion with Appanoose County Sheriff Gary Anderson’s name and the Iowa County served engraved on it. It is beautiful and I am very proud of it. Sheriff Gary Anderson is a fine man. He would not leave until he was certain I was okay and that he had filled me in on the locations of motels, stores, restaurants, and anything else I had asked about. Sheriff Anderson gave me his card and told me to call if I had any problems at. I LOVE LIFE cause it is just so simple, you get treated nice by treating others nice. LOVE LIFE. See y’all tomorrow night.