July 20-Follow up

I did a whopping asphalt burning four miles today and I’m in a motel at Kahoka, Missouri. This morning at the Hickory Hollow Campsite where I stayed last night, I was talking to Karen Wilsey who operates the campground and showed her some of the structural problems I was having with my cart and she said she was going to call her grandson Stetson Cline who she said was a mechanical wizard. Stetson came over and insisted we load up my cart and take it to his shop in Wayward. Around noon today the front half of my cart was rebuilt and good to go! I offered to pay several times and then asked that he at least let me pay for hardware used. He wouldn’t take that either.

Only doing four miles, I really didn’t give much opportunity for chance meetings today. I’m hoping to get an early start in the morning and crank out some miles and per chance, meet some wonderfully unique individuals. There are 7 billion of us unique individuals in the world. That means there’s a pretty good chance I’ll meet one or two tomorrow.

I’d like to share this thought with you. I do a lot of thinking out here on the road:

We mustn’t be afraid to look within for our own faults. This procedure is what makes us much more understanding of and receptive to others we think we see faults in, thus, making us way less likely to judge another. Looking for and finding our faults certainly becomes easier when we realize that most our faults are in reality, assets for our personal walk through life. Yes, assets we were born with which have been wrongly molded and shaped into a use other than they were intended. Shaped by our particular environment into tools for our walk through life. These faults must be recognized as assets to be corrected back into their original good purpose in order to be seen by others as good, and then give us the freedom to use them accordingly. So, in reality, instead of finding faults, we are but remodeling our person back to its original design. The original design was created with love to be used as a tool of love toward all others. Love is the lubricant which can make the world turn so much smoother. We cannot love purely and cannot expect others to love purely without first correcting our own personal faults within. I believe, the world is in chaos because of so many wanting others to change without first changing themselves. We cannot change others, we can only change our own self. I cannot walk around suggesting others LOVE LIFE unless I love life with all my being. We would all wisely reject one who tried to teach us electricity without first being a duly trained and accomplished electrician.