July 19

I did 17 miles today. I’m a couple miles from Kahoka, Missouri. Several people stopped to give me water and at least three stopped to give me a ride. You should see their faces when I turn down the ride. While eating in a Denny’s at Wayward, MO, My waitress, Dixie asked if I was the guy walking and the conversation started. She told me that her parents had a campground four miles from there and she would call and see how much they charged for tents. I don’t usually stay in campgrounds but after walking in the intense heat today, a shower sure did sound good. Dixie told me her parents did not want to charge me anything. I’m in my tent at the campground now.

I never got settled in until just a little bit ago and I’m one tired puppy. I have a story I want to share about a young lady named Patty, that needs all the positive energy we can possibly send her. I have to crash now and I will share more with you as soon as I can. Hopefully I can post her story in the morning?? LOVE LIFE my friends and goodnight.