July 18

Still in a motel in Keokuk, Iowa and about half done with mapping the rest of my trip. I’ve at least mapped out the hardest sections through New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, Nevada and some of California. I’ve got to hit the road again tomorrow. I wanted to stay one more day to finish mapping out my route but there are no rooms available. Here is my route so far:

From Keokuk, Iowa I will take U.S route 136 into Missouri going thru Kahoka and Memphis, MO to U.S. route 63 north back into Iowa near Bloomfield to Iowa route 2 west all the way across the bottom of Iowa passing thru Centerville, Leon, Mount Ayr, Bedford, Clarinda, and Sydney and into Nebraska. I’ll take U.S. route 75 south at Nebraska City and on thru Auburn and Dawson and into Kansas and at Holton I’ll take Kansas route 63 south to St. Marys and catch U.S. route 24 west to Manhattan, Kansas. From Manhattan I’ll take Kansas route 177 south to U.S route 56 west at Council Grove, going thru Herrington, Hillsboro, McPherson, Lyons, Great Bend, Larned, Kinsley, Dodge City, ( will be third time gettin’ outa’ Dodge) Sublette, Moscow, Hugoton and Elkhart. At Elkhart I’ll enter Oklahoma leaving U.S. route 56 at Boise City and take U.S. route 385 south into Texas to Dahart, Texas where I’ll take U.S. route 87 north into Clayton, New Mexico and once more get on U.S. route 56 and take it into Springer and New Mexico route 58 (I may have to hitch a 3 mile ride north on I-85 to catch NM 58) to U.S route 64 west across New Mexico. I’ll pass thru Cimarron, Taps, Tierra, Amarilla, Chama, Dulce, Kirtland-Farmington and Shiprock. I will go into Arizona taking U.S. route 160 at Teec Nos Pos and going north to Four Corners Monument (2nd time) where New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, and Utah all meet. I will then drop back into Arizona on 160 taking it to Arizona route 98 heading north to Page, Arizona and U.S. route 89 which I’ll take into Utah to Kanab, Utah getting on Alt. 89 and going back into Arizona. At Fredonia, AZ I’ll take Arizona route 389 to Colorado City, AZ and back into Utah. (Are you dizzy yet?) I will then take Utah route 59 to Utah route 9 at Hurricane, Utah to I-15 where I will have to hitch a ride 7 miles to St. George and Utah route 18 north thru Enterprise to Beryl Junction and Utah route 56 to Nevada where I will take Nevada route 319 to U.S. route 93 at Panaca, Nevada. I will pass through Caliente (and you know what that means!) to Nevada route 375 which is “The Extraterrestrial Highway” which I’ve done before. It’s a 141 miles with two places named along it as towns. Rachael, which had nothing when I passed thru before, and Warm Springs, which did have a little bar that serves sandwiches. There’s a couple rooms available for rent too, if I remember right. I will take the “ET Highway,” as most call it, to Tonopah where I’ll continue on U.S. route 6 into California and take state route 120 to U.S. route 395 back into Nevada going thru Carson City and Reno and then back into California and probably stay on 395 until at least Susanville.

These routes are subject to change… just cause I might want to change ‘em. To be continued. LOVE LIFE my friends no matter what is in front of you and those around you will feel and see a difference in you… I swear!