July 17th

  • In the same motel in Keokuk, Iowa is Ron Mayer, an avid collector of Geodes. A Facebook friend, Nancy Beam, shared with me that Keokuk is a hot spot for geodes and sure enough, I walk out my door to see Ron’s truck full of beautiful geodes. Ron has always collected them but now that he’s laid off from work he sells them. He also told me it really helps him not to become depressed. Ron says Keokuk is one of the three best spots in the world to find them. As he explained to me the content of each geode he shared with me, I could see the satisfaction he got from handling these beautiful natural formations. LOVE LIFE Ron Mayer. *His picture click here
  • Did zero miles today and will do the same tomorrow here Keokuk, Iowa, one of the best places in the world to find geodes. I’m doing the difficult task of mapping out the rest of my route into all of the lower 48 states. Difficult, because interstate highways are the best routes to go across the country, and pedestrians (me) are not allowed on them. And many of the secondary routes which I would like to take become interstates somewhere in route, so, I have to find another way. And western states with sparse populations do not have a lot of highways. But, I will get it done and I will walk freaking cow paths (done that before) if I have to. Why, because I just do not believe in quitting, and I have to practice what I preach. I LOVE LIFE, I love my life, and I really love the part of my life that keeps me from quitting. LOVE your LIFE my friends and just don’t quit! Be strong and finish. You can always find the strength deep down inside you to power you to the finish line, no matter how far away your finish line may appear at times. LOVE LIFE my dear and wonderful friends and don’t give up.