July 12th

Near Kinderhook, IL.

  • Penny Smith, holding sign, Dori Miller, and Carl & Sherri Hathaway. Just before entering new Canton, Illinois, a guy named Dave gave me some monry and said to get lunch at Dori’s in New Canton. I did, and Dori would not let me pay. Great meal. I LOVE LIFE!
Near Barry, IL
  • AJ Bradshaw at his restaurant, Fat Boys in Kinderhook, Illinois. AJ wouldn’t let me pay for my salad and soda I had while waiting Bob and Joan Dieker to pick me up and take me to their home in Barry  for the night.
  • What a wonderful family is the Dieker family of Murry, Illinois who opened up their home and their hearts to me. Pictured is Bob and Joan Dieker, Joan’s mother Thelma, and Bob and Joans daughter jennifer with her husband Derek Ross and their children Jensen and Dylan. Thank you all so very much for a wonderful evening with a wonderful family. LOVE LIFE!!!!

 See picture of Dieker family

  • I did 20 miles today and I’m in the home of Bob and Joan Dieker in Barry, Illinois. I’m sparkling clean as is all my stuff! I’ve had a most wonderful meal and was asked most interesting questions by the Dieker and Ross families while being interviewed by Justin A. Cobb for the local paper, the Pike County Express during our meal. A first for me for sure. I’m having a most wonderful time and meeting new and interesting people on a daily basis… little wonder that I LOVE LIFE so very much! Good night and LOVE LIFE my friends.