July 10th

I’m in The Landing Restaurant at the village of Kampsville, Illinois where there is a free ferry crossing of the Illinois River. I’m four miles from where I woke up in my tent to a pouring rain.

My first 45 minutes in Kampsville I spent on the porch of the old American Legion building dodging the downpour. When the rain let up I headed out to find a c-store or something to get something to eat as cheap as possible cause funds were low. I was walking past the ferry, a barge and a tugboat (could watch them for hours), and a pretty young lady pulled up and asked, “Just what the heck are you doin’?” I told her, and she told me where The Landing was and handed me a ten saying she wanted to buy my breakfast. Cool, eggs over easy and sausage instead of Little Debbie powdered donuts! As I was unhooking my cart in front of The Landing Restaurant, a lady walked out on the porch and asked what I was doing. She said she and her group had seen me out the window and just wanted to make sure I was okay. She asked if I was okay financially and I said yes I was. She said, “This is a very giving community and we want to make certain you don’t need anything.” I told her I could certainly vouch for it being a giving community and showed her the ten dollar bill still in my hand. I told her the young lady gave it to me for breakfast. She said, “We were going to get your breakfast.” Upon entering the restaurant, the lady was already at a table of three bib overall wearing farmers telling my story. After the waitress brought my coffee, the lady came to my table and handed me three fives and said, “Here, I’ll have more soon.” She then seated herself with her group of about eight ladies and I could hear excerpts of my story being told again. At one point, I heard her say, “Hey, he’s encouraging people to love life, that’s awesome.” About 15 minutes later she came over and handed me another $36.00 and said, “It is such a good thing you’re doing, thank you for letting us help.” I went over to the tables and thanked everyone for their generosity. By the way, the eggs were done perfectly, it was an exceptional breakfast. Not sure I’ll be able to post tonight. Verizon does not do well in this neck of the woods I’m being told. So, I may not be able to post again tonight. I will try though.

LOVE LIFE my friends. Everyone knows, the more you love something, the better care you take of it, and the more you get out of it for a much longer time… for a lifetime actually. Love is the most power a human being can wield. NOTHING accomplishes more. It heals the broken heart.