Sunday July 7th

I was in a dead zone again last night and could not update from my tent site. I’m in remote Illinois farm land for sure. Think I did about 25 miles yesterday. I am now in a Mickey D’s in Jerseyville, Illinois.

Yesterday, four people stopped to hand me water. One farmer walked down his driveway to hand me an ice cold Pepsi. He said that he had just passed me on the big tractor taking up most of the road. I thanked him and he said he was on his way to plant more soy beans. I said, “Enjoy.” He said, “Oh I do enjoy it, I enjoy it very much. I like watching come up from the earth what I’ve put lots of work into.” He went on to say, “And soy beans are a good crop, benefits a lot of people. I like your sign.”

Just outside a little community called Royal Lake, Beth Leach of Chesterfield, Illinois and her little boy Ty stopped their car and walked up to where I was taking a break. Bev was so very excited about meeting me. She said she had been looking for me and that she followed me on Facebook. She asked me to walk back to her car with them because she had a lot of stuff for me. And she did! She brought me bags of ice, a whole rotisserie baked chicken, a fruit bar, an ice cream bar, 2 bananas, and a candy bar. I thanked her over and over, I just couldn’t believe she went to all that trouble. Bev explained to me that just a few weeks ago, at the same time a friend of hers introduced her to me on Facebook, her family was being told by doctors that her father was not going to make it through the rare heart problem he was hospitalized for. She said that my story gave her a strength to hold on, LOVE LIFE, and stay positive. Bev’s father beat the odds and is still with us… great! This is why I keep walking with that sign over my head and telling my story. LOVE LIFE my friends. I will be in remote Illinois farm lands for a while yet so if you do not see a daily update form me, it’s due to having no internet connection.