Saturday July 6th

Yesterday, I covered about 22 miles and tented between Hillsboro and Litchfield, Illinois. I found an awesome tent site on the bank of a lovely creek and far away from the noise of the highway. I got settled in and prepared to do my daily update and… crap! No connection, I was obviously in a dead zone. So, here is what happened yesterday:

In Hillsboro, I was able to pick up a package awaiting me at the post office but a mere ten minutes before they closed for the weekend. That’s because when I told Bob Posey of Hillsboro that I was trying to get to the post office before it closed. He helped me load my stuff in his truck and not only waited while I picked up my package but took me to Mickey D’s where I could charge up my stuff. Bob also offered to let me stay in a cabin he had outside of town. It was five miles in the wrong direction though and so I declined. He gave me his cell number and said to call if I needed anything.

Heading for the Hillsboro IGA store, a guy came out of a Laundromat, walked up to me and said, “I been studyin’ your sign. I sure hope you include animals in that love life statement sir… most people don’t.” I told him that animals are a living, breathing part of life and so they are included in my love for life. He smiled a sweet smile of approval with my answer. Minutes later, inside the IGA store, a young store employee, maybe 16, came up to me holding a Dove ice cream bar and said while chuckling, “Hey, some guy told me to give this to you, he said you needed it for the hot day today.” How very delightful! I ate it while finishing my shopping. I wonder was that the animal lover’s gesture of appreciation?? Throughout the day, two people gave me cold bottles of water. One gave me a Gatorade and a couple stopped and gave me one of the sweetest and juiciest peaches I ever had. Is this not a wonderful life we are enjoying daily! I’m so privileged to be able to do what I do.

I hiked into Litchfield this morning and got a motel room. My belly is full from the Mickey D’s across the street, I’m showered, my dirty laundry is soaking in the bathtub and I’m catching up on my chores. LIFE is good. Please practice rejecting all negative thought my dear friends and just LOVE LIFE. To Love Life is to find the path leading to the beauty of Life.