July 2

I covered 24 miles today. It rained most of the day today. I am now nice and dry though in a motel room in Mt Vernon, Illinois. A young man, Lakota, stopped and got me out of the rain by driving me to Wal-Mart and then to get my room. No one else stopped to talk today, the pouring rain deterred them I’m sure. So, here is a story I’ve posted before and have been requested to repeat:

I met a 35 year-old young lady in Waco, Texas, a few years back. She was absolutely one of the coolest individuals I ever met. Her wisdom of life and her attitude toward that life was incredibly positive. She did indeed Love Life. After finding out she had been abandoned as a toddler by her mother, raised up in foster homes, been physically and mentally abused, sexually molested, raped as a young woman, and fought with depression and suicidal thoughts into her twenties, (who wouldn’t have?) I just had to ask, “And you are not at all bitter toward those responsible for those horrible things done to you?” She looked me straight in the eye and very sweetly replied, “What, and be upset at those who’ve helped form me into who I am now? Those are things done to me by people I would never want to be like. I’m much better than that and so I must never allow myself to stoop to that level by giving them even the slightest control over my emotions, I’m in charge of me and my emotions, not anyone else.” She also said, “If I dwelled on the bad things done to me by bad people, I would then stay in a bad state of mind which would then keep me from meeting and enjoying the really beautiful people of this world.” And I’ll never forget her saying this, “I am way too strong to hang around with those that negative, even in my thoughts.”

Whoa! Twenty five years my junior and she taught me great wisdom in mere moments. She absolutely proves we can change our lives. All the things we go through in life are but sculpting tools used to shape us into a better person. We all have the ability to handle all our own problems. The bad things we’ve had to face in our life become tools for making us a better person by converting them into lessons on how to better understand ourselves. Be the beautiful individual you were created to be and never allow any actions by anyone to control your thoughts. LOVE LIFE my friends!