June 26

Did 18 miles today and I’m in a motel just outside Mount Vernon, Indiana. Last night after I posted my daily update, Chris Pyle, whose property joins the ballpark I was tented in, came over to see what I was doing there. I explained and he then drove me over to his house where I could charge my phone overnight on an outside outlet so I could grab it early this morning. Then about 9:30, four lovely young ladies came by to take pictures with me and gave me a huge piece of cake. They said they followed me on Facebook. About 10:00 a mother, Mary Jo Buckman Gibbs and her daughter, Deidra Gibbs brought me some Lasagna. They too were following me on Face book. They started telling me of a young lady they knew who had recently lost her nine month-old little boy, Holden who had been sick from birth with seizures and how hard the little 21 year-old mommy fought for the life of her child. They said that the mother’s sister saw my “LOVE LIFE” sign yesterday and said, “That’s it Holden, I hear you loud and clear… love life!” The story really touched me and I asked them please to let me know via Facebook her name and all so I could talk to her.

This morning, Tom Gibbs stopped and gave me a ride over the very narrow bridge into Indiana. Tom said his wife and daughter, told him I would be needing a ride over the bridge and to look for me on his way to work. About noon, after I reached Mount Vernon, a car pulled over and two pretty young ladies got out to talk to me, a brunette and a blonde. The brunette, Brittany Warren, said, “We’ve been looking for you, we’re on your Facebook and we’re friends of Mary Jo and Deidra Gibbs.” I said, “Great, they were supposed to give me info about a young lady who had just lost her baby.” Brittany pointed to the little blonde and said, “You’re looking at her, that’s my sister Brandi.” I immediately held my arms out and said, “Come here baby!” As I was hugging her daughter, their mother, Katrina Thomas, emerged from the car as well. We all four were crying as we talked of little Holden and other things. Brandi just kept hugging me. I just felt so very much love for that child and what she has just gone through. We must have been a sight standing at the street in downtown Mount Vernon, Indiana, all four bawling. Brandi said my words to her helped her very much.

Well, another first for me today! Trinity Becker, of the Posey County Sheriff’s Department came up to me as I walked out of the Dollar General store and said she had been looking all over for me. She said she was on my Facebook and had told Sheriff Greg Oeth about me and he said, “Well go find him and find out what we can do for him!” I told her I needed nothing and she left saying she had better get back to work. Later, still in the same parking lot while I was being interviewed by a wonderful young lady (can’t find where I wrote her name!) for the local paper, The Mount Vernon Democrat, Trinity came back and handed me an envelope with money they had collected at the sheriff’s office to buy me a meal at the China Buffet. The reporter took a picture of me accepting the donation. The meal was great! And I sure wish I could remember the name of that reporter because we had a great time and she was special! I LOVE LIFE and I love ALL the people I’ve been meeting on this walk!Image