July 11th

  • Bernie Friedel scared hell out of me yesterday with his very gruff voice breaking my silence as I sat on a guard rail In the middle of nowhere taking a break. Hidden in the woods across from me was his trailer he shares with his dog and nine cats. One look at the gentleness in this man as he picked up his cat that had followed him across the highway showed the only thing gruff about Bernie was his voice. We had great conversation sitting on that guardrail together.
  • Still unable to get servive with my Broadband connection. Tomorrow evening I will be in the home of Facebook friends Bob & Joan Dieker of Barry, Illinois who came out and met me on the road with lots of food. We had great conversation in their van while I chowed down. I did 19 miles today. LOVE LIFE my friends. What a beautiful day this has been… I am so very thankful for my gift of life.
  • Just past Rockport, Illinois Victoria Steinman and Morgan Ryman stopped to take pictures. They said they follow me on Facebook. They were on their way to catch a flight to Miami. I envied them, I have a strong love affair with my home state, Florida. Morgan handed mr some money and said she really believed in what I’m doing… LOVE LIFE.