June 22

I did 25 miles today and I’m about two miles past the little town of Golconda, Illinois. A young man from Golconda, Corey Rison insisted on taking me to the restaurant where he was a waiter and introducing me to his boss who he said was really cool. The restaurant is the KDB Grill and Corey’s boss, Joe Buckman, is really cool. Joe introduced me to his whole family. I had an awesome catfish dinner and Joe said it was on the house. Joe and Corey sat with me while I was eating and they both kept asking me questions. I love that! Before I left, Joe and Corey filled my cooler with ice. The food there really was superb.

That was the only really cool thing to happen today. The rest of the time I was sweating in the 90 degrees and being introduced to Southeastern Illinois’s hill country. Had the hardest climb today since I started this walk. I insist on still loving life though… there are always going to be some climbs a little harder than others. LOVE LIFE my friends, my butt is a draggin’ and I’m going to crash. See y’all tomorrow.