May 31

Misssip ppl

loving life in Ms

I’m in my tent only about 13 miles from Clarksdale, Mississippi where I started from today .

Yesterday, I couldn’t wait to ask my new friend Myrt what inspired her to just jump in her car and drive 60 miles to hug me after seeing me on her local news. She told me that four days before Thanksgiving Day, her husband of 40 years calmly told her he was having an affair and wanted a divorce. Whoa, just like that, that’s got to be a serious jolt for anyone. She said the divorce procedure has been extremely stressful. Myrt said she hardly ever watches TV and never watches that particular station I was on and she came upon it by accident. She said she wanted to click onto channel 5 and accidently hit channel 6 that had my interview. Myrt said, “When I saw “LOVE LIFE” over your head I said, that’s it by golly, that’s it, I’ve been stuck in this divorce and it’s just time to move on and get back to loving life as I always have.” Myrt also pointed out that she Googled me immediately and found the poem I had dedicated to my babies, “Tiny Dancers” and THAT she said was the final push that made her say, “That’s it, I’m going to go hug this man!” She truly touched my heart.

I had another great thing happen today; just before Myrt and I were leaving her home to drop me off on the road, Shawn Frost of the Green Patrol called me and said he was heading for Colorado and had gone out of his way a few hours to see me and was in Clarksdale! Myrt drove me to meet Shawn and the three of us had a few laughs while putting my cart back together for the road. It was sad saying goodbye to Myrt, she is way cool. It was good to see my friend Shawn again, we had a great visit. It was cool hooking up with a fellow Vero Beach, Florida dweller.

Robert and Michele Mosley from Boyle, Mississippi said they saw my interview on the news on the Greenville station. They said they were hoping they would see me on the highway. They explained that today would have been their little girl, Robyn’s 37th birthday. They lost her to a brain tumor when she was 30. They said what I was doing touched them very much and that they were inspired by the way I’ve chosen to handle my pain.